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TrapEase Fascia

Give your deck a finishing touch and a polished look all in one with Trex TrapEase Fascia Screws securely attaching your fascia board. Specially designed to allow the installed fascia board to expand and contract with the seasons, the TrapEase Fascia System sits flush with your fascia material while the painted screw head blends seamlessly for a practically invisible hold. Featuring a TORX ttap Drive to engage the included Driver Bit to eliminate cam-out and stripping as well as an included Counterbore Tool to create a consistent and precise pilot hole, the TrapEase Fascia Screws makes adding beautiful fascia incredibly easy.


The TrapEase Fascia System is offered in packs of 200 to cover approximately 100 lineal feet and includes (200) color-matching screws, (1) Counterbore Tool, and (1) Driver Bit.


***Please contact for colour options.

TrapEase Fascia


    *Please contact us via or phone(905-830-0029) to purchase*

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