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At In-Dexx we believe in precision and perfection. We have an in-house designer who will work closely with you and the rest of our team to make sure that your dream deck or decks becomes a reality.


When purchasing and planning the build of your deck one of our team members will visit the site to take measurements. Our designer will then take the measurements and design them into a 3D model and rendering of the future deck. This allows you to ensure that the deck and material chosen are the best suited for your property and lifestyle.  

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Take your ideas to the next level. Our in-house designer will take full advantage of the technological potential from 3D conceptual drawings. From concept to production, the team at In-Dexx will help you unlock the full potential of your idea using today’s most advanced design technology. 










3D Design pricing starts at $250 + tax

Please contact us for more information.

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