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Trex® Stair Railing Cut Kit

When cutting rail sections down for smaller runs, an additional cut kit of hardwared is needed to attach the rails. The Trex® Stair Rail Cut Kit includes the mounting hardware necessary to connect a section of rail to the post, as well as gaskets to conceal the cuts. No matter which rail profile you're working with, all components come in the same handy kit.

  • Kit includes complete gasket assortment, 8 railing support brackets, nine 2.5" screws and 9 self-tapping screws
  • Accessory kit required to properly cut railing sections to length
  • Trex® railings are designed to meet national building code requirements for residential and commercial dwellings

Trex® Stair Railing Cut Kit


    *Please contact us via or phone(905-830-0029) to purchase*

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